Pondicherry Co-operative Central Land Development Bank P.106

Colas Nagar, Puducherry – 605 001.

The Pondicherry Cooperative Central Land Development Bank, established in the year 1960, is the only Cooperative institution advancing Long Term Loans to farmers and rural people; operating in the entire Union Territory of Pondicherry and having a branch at Karaikal.

The Bank is having 12,834 members as at the end of 31st December 2006 with a share capital of Rs.304lakhs. The bank is disbursing loans to its members under Agriculture and Non Farm Sector as well as Jewel Loan, Consumer Loan and letting of Safety Locker.


To promote the economic socio status of its members and more particularly to arrange for funds to be lent to its members on mortgage of land and other immovable property.

To float debentures and security of its assets and of land mortgages and other assets transferred to it by its members for such period and on such terms and conditions as have been approved by the Trustee.

To receive deposits.

To raise loans from the NABARD and Government.

To issue Jewel loan and Consumer loan to members.


The Management is vested with the Board of Directors consisting of 15 members. The Board is constituted with 12 elected members from among the members and 2 nominee Directors one each from Cooperative and Agriculture Department. One Managing Director in the cadre of Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies appointed by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies.

Financial Position:

 The financial position of our bank as on 31st December 2006 as follows.

Rs. in lakhs Rs. in lakhs

1). Share Capital - 304.13                5). Loans & Adv.     - 1240.8

      Government – 245.00                6). Working Capital -  1802.93

          Members   -  59.13

2).      Reserves  - 397.17                7). Loss /Profit - (+) 8.19

3).      Borrowings - 483.87  Current Year

4).     Deposit - 763.67                    8). Accumulated Loss - (-) 227.01


The bank has implemented the “Compromise Package of Interest Waiver Scheme” announced by the Puducherry Government, and the same had an impact on recovery and a number of chronic over dues have been reduced. The bank has achieved 73% recovery against its demand during 2004-05.

Future Plan:

As the Agriculture lending is the sole aim of our bank and we will also extend on loans to various agricultural fields such as agro-food processing, medicinal plants, Biotechnology etc. and strive to issue loans for the same. With adequate financial support from NABARD, our bank will be in a position to improve our ground level lending to the tune of Rs.1170.91 lakhs during 2007-08.

Proposed to open savings bank account and recurring deposit to members. If the deposit mobilisation has been increased, we can provide loans with low rate of interest to the farm community and the accumulated losses will be reduced.