What are the functions of the Co-operative Department?



(i) To organise and register various kinds of co-operatives according to the basic principles of co-operation

and as per the provisions of the Puducherry Co-operative Societies Act, 1972 and the Rules framed under;


(ii) To perform the various statutory and quasi judicial functions specified in the above Act and Rules, viz;

(a) Granting State aid to co-operatives, under various schemes launched from time to time;


(b) Supervising and inspecting co-operatives taking actions against erring societies and office-

bearers as per the Act and Rules;


(c) Regulating the working of co-operative societies as per the provisions of the Act and Rules;


(d) Settling disputes relating to the constitution, working and management of the societies;


(e) Executing awards, decrees, orders and decisions;


(f) Winding up of societies, which fail to satisfy the conditions of registration and management;


(g) To depute officers to co-operatives, whenever necessary for their management;


(h) To assist the Government in formulating policies, plans and schemes for the development of the co-operative movement; and


(i) To do all those are necessary for the development of the co-operative movement on sound lines.