1. What is a co-operative society?

2. What are the co-operative principles?

3. What are the legal frameworks in organization of a co-operative society?

4. What is the objective of a co-operative society?

5. What is the objective of the Co-operative Department?

6. What are the functions of the Co-operative Department?

7. What are the requireemnts of forming a co-operative society?

8. How to register a co-operative society?

9. From where one can get the forms for the registration of a new society?

10. Who should one contact for registration of a new society?

11. Can the Registrar refuse to register a society?

12. How the name of the society can be changed?

13. How to seek membership in the society?

14. How an applicant, refused membership, can seek redressal?

15. What are the rights of services to members and what is to be done when such services are denied to a member?

16. What is the strength and term of office of the committee?

17. What is the procedure for conduct of election to a co-operative society?

18. What is the way out to challenge an election?

19. What are the various schemes of financial assistance available to the societies?

20. What are various time bound services available to the societies and members?

21. Where one can get more information on the functioning of the Department?


Disclaimer: The FAQ is to facilitate public to have an access on the activities of the Department and functioning of societies. This cannot be taken as an interpretation to the statutory provisions. For clear and better understanding of the statutory provisions, one may access to the Act and Rules.